After doing in vitro fertilization with three different centers and with multiple doctors, I feel that Dr. Richards is by far the best. His skills and work ethics are incredibly impressive. His personal communication skills and his fun personality place his patients at ease. I give Dr.Richards my highest recommendation.

— Dr. Robert Foster, Emergency Room Medicine Physician, St. George, Utah

A few years ago in my OB/GYN practice I noticed that I was getting excellent pregnancy results from my infertility patients who were doing IVF with Dr.Richards. As a result, I began sending all of my infertility patients to him. Several years after that my daughter needed IVF. Because of the personalized care and excellent success that I had seen my patients receive I refered my daughter to Dr.Richards. I thank Dr.Richards every day for my grandchildren. —Thomas E. Judd M.D. OB/GYN Orem, Utah

Most of our infertility patients have become pregnant as a result of sending them to Dr. Richards. The other OB/GYN’s in our office have also been impressed with his exceptional success rates. Every patient I have sent to Dr. Richards has loved him and the superb care they have received. Stephen R. Terry M.D. “Cottonwood OB/GYN” Murray Utah

Patient Truly Brady with her twins